Friday, September 03, 2004

A Bunch of Crocodiles

This just in from a friend...

The president's speech was full of rhetoric and would only impress the naive, sinister and those who don't have firm knowledge of facts. It's easy to write a great speech that appeals to and bamboozle those who are easily impressed; a tear or two and a false look of compassion on the speaker's face is a plus!

The cynical attacks on John Kerry's character and at his patriotism will only fuel enthusiasm for him!

It's striking to see two leaders (or misleaders) who chickened out when they had the opportunity to serve their country and to do what they are now asking American youth to do, it's striking to see their audacity when accusing a man, who FOUGHT in a REAL battle, accusing and slandering him and belittling his brave sacrifices. This same man also, being a man of conscience, he also protested and condemned the atrocities that he witnessed during the war. His opponents are calling his act of conscience unpatriotic; as if patriotism dictates blinding yourself in the face of all sorts of injustice and aggressions, as long as they are being committed by your country--not against them!! Dissent, objections to wrong-doing, whistle-blowing and being conscientious are the utmost displays of patriotism in the book of virtues! It's no surprise to hear that sort of accusations from the people, who encouraged, incited and covered-up all sorts of unutterable methods of torture, atrocities and humiliation to the citizens of a nation that they mislead Americans into occupying!

This entire RNC was full of superficiality and pretentiousness--or as Bill Clinton put it, "it's time for them to put on their once-every-four-years compassionate face".

What good is being consistent when you are "consistently wrong?" Contrast that with revising your actions and decisions as you go and as new facts surface. They call that flip-flopping!! Well, what's a flip-flop, if you consider the president's constant contradictions "we can win the war on terror" "we can't win the war on terror" "we are safer" "our nation is in danger" "Iraq has wmd" "well, they don't" "we are going into Iraq to disarm them from wmds" "we went their to free the people"... and on and on!!

The laughable parade of idiot (supposedly humorous) twins, imported and paid (inarticulate) speakers who paused at every statement-end soliciting applause or laughter (I laughed alright!!) and that poor hapless dog that was dragged into the parade of pretensions, are only some of few displays of disingenuousness that only serve as a true metaphor for what this party is all about; even the little children were made to applaud, when the camera focused on them--a clear indication that the entire event was staged and all those tears and emotional displays of compassion are true tears--of crocodiles!


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