Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Police State

This week's convention in New York will not experience any acts of terrorism. There may be spin calling the "disloyal" protesters "terrorists", but that use truly diminishes the meaning of the word.

Terrorism is not about disrupting the political process. I know that this intrudes on the vanity of politicos. It has little to do with symbolic targets. Acts of terror are committed to frighten the masses and create a sense of danger that permeates throughout everything. In short, it is about body count.

New York is a pretty weak target in this regard. During the convention, the city has been dead. The media has managed to frighten everyone away. If a dirty bomb went off, would there be anyone around to notice? That is the reality of this week with the RNC.

We can relax this week. An overpowering presence of law enforcement combined with racial profiling makes the city an unfriendly place. Not just for terrorists, but for citizen's as well.


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